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Visual search is central to an omnichannel marketing strategy because makes online shopping experience flawless.

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Benefits of Visual Search

How Does Visual Search Work?

1. Upload an Image

E-Commerce site customer uploads or takes a picture of the style in real-time.

2. Search

Search results on your e-commerce website show visually similar items.

3. Buy

Customer selects products to buy.

Why Choose SalesVision Visual Search Engine?

Seamless Experience Across All Online Marketplaces

SalesVision's automatic fashion tagging uses deep learning and advanced image recognition algorithms to tag categories and subcategories from any image. It performs product scans, detects clothing in pictures, and breaks down the style and color details in minutes.

We achieve up to 95% accuracy

SalesVision visual search engine has a 95% accuracy rate. 4x higher on average compared to other visual search tools.

Our solution consistently achieves the goal of finding the most similar match and offers accurate meta-tagging.

Detection of Multiple Objects

Cloud Technology

SalesVision Visual Search Engine detects multiple objects in an image with a single upload.

Operational Efficiency

No manual photo cropping to search for relevant product.

Smart Image Recognition

Frictionless shopping experience with real-time camera search.

Research and Development

We are a team of Ph.D Machine Learning experts. We spent years developing content-based image retrieval technology for e-commerce businesses.

Other Features

Fashion Detection to the Smallest Detail

At SalesVision, we complement the object detection model with object segmentation. Object segmentation accurately extracts each style element's pixels, finds its distinctive attributes, and precisely determines colors.

Better Product Discovery on eCommerce Sites

Many companies require product images to have a specific aspect ratio, resolution, and background to tag them correctly. Our software's precision is not affected by the background, aspect ratio, or the quality of the photo. We use deep learning methods and Convolutional neural networks that are the most advanced tools for automatic image analysis.

How to Optimize Your eCommerce Site for Visual Search

As a result of precise auto-tagging, you get accurate and SEO-ready titles, descriptions, and tags. They boost your product discoverability and enrich the metadata of the catalog. Taking your product to the very top of the search results increases website traffic and boosts sales.

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