Try SalesVision Fashion Tagging Engine Now

We can talk a lot about our technology and what makes it different. But we prefer to let you see it for yourself and try our fashion tagging and recommendation engine now.
Upload or drag a photo and watch AI-powered deep tagging algorithm in action!

Recognizable things



This is how deep fashion
tagging works

  1. Upload an Image

    You upload an image to our engine in any format.

  2. Visual Attributes Extraction

    SalesVision AI algorithms powered by computer vision and machine learning extract visual attributes from the image. They accurately recognize the style, occasion, identify patterns related to particular keywords, and add new tags.

  3. Quality Check

    We perform quality assurance checks and send back the images that were tagged inaccurately for re-tagging.

  4. Image Tagging

    AI algorithms tag images, generating metadata for catalog assets, and improving your product discoverability.

Did You Know?