Trending Products to Sell in Your eCommerce Store in 2021

27 October 2020

Trending Products to Sell in 2021

No matter what you do with your online store, there is no success without knowing trending products to sell in 2021. Even when you figure them out, the market will change, and your e-commerce will need to adapt. With new e-commerce technology products, insights have never been simpler. Now is the time to find new products to sell.

New 2021 e-commerce trends are already emerging in the market. With New Year around the corner, now is the right time to think. Let’s check out all about 2021 online shopping trends and how you can utilize the latest e-commerce technology solutions at just the right time to make an impact and build long-term success in e-commerce.

How 2021 Will Be Different From 2020 for E-Commerce

To put 2021 in context, Statista shows that e-commerce revenue in 2019 was around $3.53 billion. Moreover, the prediction for 2021 sets it at $4.93 billion, which means that the market is growing exponentially. No one knows will the pandemic vanish in 2021, but many customers will discover the world of e-commerce by then. It’s convenient, and they won’t go back to physical stores easily.

e-commerce trends 2021

Credits: US e-commerce market size 2016-2023 – Statista

Here is the summary of the major differences:

  • The customer path to the product they want will be easier
  • Augmented reality will help customers see products in 3D
  • Data will be a crucial tool to help e-commerce owners and customers alike

General Trends in 2020 and Trending Products to Sell in 2021

All 2021 online shopping trends will be a continuation of everything that happened in 2020. It won’t be a full-on transformation, but rather an extension of what we already started buying. Here are some intriguing trends that emerged in 2020, but will grow in 2021:

  • AI in e-commerce: Artificial intelligence is already making an impact, but new ideas pop out every day. Applications of data science and computer vision in e-commerce are amazing, and only time will tell how they will develop.
  • AR apps: If you can’t visit a store, how about that store visits your home? Augmented reality is about adding a digital layer to your surroundings, captured by a camera. For retailers, it means they can allow customers to interact with 3D models of their products. They can fit furniture inside their living room or try on virtual shoes.
  • P2P: Peer-to-peer shopping is currently limited to Facebook groups and forums, where there is no way of providing security and fraud detection. It can change in the future, and it can mean that people will cut out the middleman for renting, selling used items, or handmade craft.

Trending products to sell in 2021

Credits: How Ikea is using augmented reality – Digiday 

10 Trending Products to Sell in 2021 and Why

Here are some products to keep in mind. 2021 e-commerce trends indicate that these items should go well with customers in 2021:

  1. Print-on-demand fashion products

Wearing blank t-shirts is boring when you can print anything you want and have it delivered to your house.

  1. Handmade shoes

Owning designer shoes is nice, but owning a pair that was handcrafted for you is extra special.

  1. Jewelry

Jewelry isn’t as size-dependent as fashion items, for example, which makes it a perfect thing to sell online.

  1. Electric scooters

Driving to work in a car or via public transport is choosing the lesser of two evils. Driving electric scooters is eco-friendly, fast, and enjoyable for everyone.

Electric Scooter - Trending Product To sell in 2021

  1. Wireless and Bluetooth gadgets

Wires are messy, prone to damage, and annoying. That is why everyone is switching to battery-powered, wireless gadgets instead. It includes wireless speakers, headphones, computer mice, and keyboards.

  1. Winter coats

Winter is coming, and coats will never go out of fashion. Also, it’s much easier to find a proper coat online because you only need a couple of dimensions before you’re ready to order.

  1. Denim

Denim is back (or so everyone says), and online stores should react by selling more of it.

  1. Shapewear

Experts put shapewear at the top of trending products in e-commerce for 2021. It follows the growth of the sports and fitness industries. Even though there are men’s shapewear items, the 2021 online shopping trends still favor women’s products.

  1. Drones

Drones are getting cheaper with better performance, and they make for a great gift. They are highly useful for video recording and photography.

Photo Drones - Trending Product to sell in 2021

  1.  Phone accessories

We spend our entire day glued to our smartphone, and online stores should take notes on selling the best phone accessories available. Besides phone cases, interesting gadgets include phone stands, camera lens kits, external batteries, and wireless chargers.

How To Boost Products Sales With AI Technology

Retailers that don’t use AI in e-commerce are missing out. A study from Juniper Research predicts retailers will spend $7.3 billion per annum by 2020. Most of that money will reinforce AI in e-commerce, and help customers find their wanted item even faster.

Data science in e-commerce provides some mind-blowing ideas that increase customer satisfaction. The 2021 e-commerce trends will see more customers and more stores than ever, and using AI in e-commerce can be your savior. Here are some solutions:

Recommendation engine for e-commerce

Customers don’t want to search manually. They want to discover items easily. A useful recommendation engine for e-commerce should display items that are relevant to the shopper. Also, personalization is the key to e-commerce technology. For example, customers who regularly purchase fishing boots could also use a fishing rod.

Deep tagging

Deep tagging is an application of computer vision in e-commerce technology. It involves analyzing a photo of a fashion item or furniture piece and providing detailed tags about it. For example, if you upload an image of a white t-shirt, the generated tags should describe its style, sleeve length, cut type, textile info, etc. It looks like the image below:

e-Commerce recommendation and tagging

Deep tagging in e-commerce is a requirement for useful features, but it can also be used to categorize your inventory automatically and allow for advanced product filtering and search.

Visual search for e-commerce items

We mentioned deep tagging is useful, and we have visual search engines that are powered by it. The process is simple: users upload a photo of an outfit, and your store should present all fashion items that are the same or quite similar to the ones in the photo. The image goes through deep fashion tagging, and an algorithm will search for items that match these tags. It’s super easy and convenient!

Visual Search - ecommerce trend 2021

Product descriptions to boost SEO for e-commerce

After deep tagging, your catalog will receive textual tags that include detailed information about the product. With some extra magic, you can generate SEO-friendly product descriptions for e-commerce items with no manual effort. Since these tags describe your inventory with accuracy, they will SEO-boost your website and drive more customers to find it via Google.

Final Words

Trending products in e-commerce for 2021 are a guideline, but there are no explicit rules for online shopping. Things change, but the future is looking bright for e-stores as predictions claim the global revenue for internet retailers will increase by 40% when compared to the numbers from 2019.

Online stores need to evolve and offer new products. Many 2021 online shopping trends indicate that certain items and industries should receive extra attention from retailers. Trending products to sell in e-commerce stores for 2021 represent the evolution of e-commerce technology and the pandemic that has struck the world.

The use of AI in e-commerce is not something new, but it will attract extra attention in the future. As a result, features like smart recommendation engines, deep tagging, and visual searches will power the next generation of online stores. It’s tough to imagine 2021 e-commerce trends without AI, and every e-retailer should think twice before dismissing the integration of AI in their sales process.

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