How to Start Your Online Clothing Store

22 September 2020

How to Start Your Online Clothing Store

People love online clothing stores. They’re simple to browse, and there are many commodities like immediately seeing all available sizes and colors. In this article, we will show you how to start your online clothing store and overcome common pitfalls and challenges.

The pandemic has seen the likes of Jeff Bezos become the first person worth $200 billion. It shows the crucial place online stores have in our lives. Their impact will only increase as time goes by.

Main Challenges When Starting an Online Clothing Store

There are quite a few challenges each eCommerce store needs to face to become successful. Here are the top three:

  • Uniqueness of your e-commerce store

Ask yourself this question: why would anyone shop at your online store? What’s unique about it that would make customers forget their favorite store and visit yours? If you can’t think of a good reason, you should try finding your unique niche to make your store worth visiting.

The Internet is vast and full of fashion stores. Finding your target audience is difficult, and it requires a thorough analysis. It’s about the clothes you offer, and how you present them. An online store can’t be successful if you don’t put yourself in the shoes of your prospective customers.

  • Lack of Visibility

Setting up a domain, creating an online store, and adding your items is just the beginning. No one will see it at the start, and it takes plenty of time for search engines to even care about your website. The chances of someone stumbling upon are next to zero, and you will have to invest in proper marketing.

A Person looking for clothes in online store

First, your website needs to be SEO-friendly. From the landing pages to blogs and product descriptions, everything needs to be tailored for your target audience and the keywords they use in search queries. If you get that right, your website will quickly reach high rankings in SERP. SEO for e-commerce stores means the world, and don’t ignore this aspect if you want to be friends with the Google search engine.

  • Competition in e-Commerce

You’re not the first one to think of an online fashion store! It might even be the most popular type of e-commerce store! Unline brick and mortar stores, escaping competition is impossible. The Internet is like a mall with thousands of stores, and an opening of a new one can go unnoticed.

Fighting the competition requires the first two points: uniqueness and generating visibility. But, most importantly, it requires innovation. Find a way to make clothes purchasing easier for your customers. It can be anything, but make it your own and let them know you care!

How an e-Commerce Store Can Stand Out From the Competition

Emerging from the pool of other stores is challenging. Our advice is to make the time between when a customer visits your website and finds what they want shorter. Nobody has enough time to search and filter your store for two hours. There are several ways to do this when starting an online clothing store, and all of them are made possible with deep image tagging.

So what is deep tagging?

The concept is based on AI image tagging. Imagine you have an image of a clothing item, or a person wearing an entire outfit. Deep image tagging takes each fashion product from the visual content and describes it in tiny details. The description includes everything from style, silhouette, pattern, etc. It looks like in the figure below!

Let’s check out a few features that deep tagging enables for online stores:

  • Product recommendation system for e-commerce

Even when your customer finds a suitable product, you don’t want them to buy it and leave your store. You want them to discover more items that would suit their style. With AI image tagging, all products are described in detail. This makes it easy to find similar items from your store and display it to customers. The better the AI image tagging, the better the recommendation engine.

Here is how Amazon does it:

Recommender Systems for e-Commerce

Credits: Recommender Systems [summary] Introduction to Recommender Systems – Trinity College Dublin

  • Complete the look recommendations for online stores

Besides similar items, customers also want to complete their outfit in one place. Completing the look is about the smart matching of different colors, patterns, and styles. With AI auto-tagging, you can display items from your store that would match with the product your customer selected and increase cart size!

e-Commerce Recommendation engine to complete the look

Credits: Introducing Complete the Look: a scene-based complementary recommendation system –

  • Accurate product descriptions for online stores

Customers who browse the Internet for products often find it difficult. The reason for this is because products are not well described in online stores. If you use AI image tagging, you can easily form short product descriptions. They will help your page with search engine optimization and assist customers with more information. To start your online clothing store successfully you must have SEO-friendly and accurate descriptions from the very beginning.

  • Image search for e-commerce

The most popular online fashion stores are starting to use image search tools. It includes Forever 21, Revolve, and many others. The idea is simple:

  • customers upload image content of an outfit
  • the AI image tagging system analyzes the photo
  • the recommendation engine provides items similar to the ones in the photo

The potential behind image searches is huge. Customers could, for example, upload image content of celebrities and dress like them! Also, it helps in cases when people can’t describe a fashion item with words. If they have an image, the recommendation system can tag and find it in an instant.

Here is how Asos implemented it inside their mobile app:

Shahzam-like Clothing Style Match

Credits: Asos Style Match Is Like Shazam for Fashion – PCMag

Use Deep Tagging to Kick-start Your Online Clothing Store

So, deep tagging helps customers by making it easier for them to find the perfect products. However, how will they even hear about your small online store in the first place? In this paragraph, you will learn how deep tagging can help you be successful in e-commerce from the start.

It turns out deep tagging also helps with this part. Firstly, image tagging can provide good SEO-friendly product descriptions to optimize your store for the Google search engine. As a result, your online store will rank higher in searches for specific products. Below, you will see the search results for a precise query. Most results come from SEO giants like Amazon and AliExpress

Amazon and AliExpress Deep Tagging for SEO

Secondly, AI image tagging works wonders for personalizing your store for each user. By analyzing the items they viewer and purchased, you can get a detailed insight into their preferred style. Therefore, can be used to send personalized notifications and emails when products they might like change prices. Imagine viewing shoes that are too expensive for you, and receive an email for a similar pair at a great price!

Final Words

Be ready for challenges and fierce competition when you start your online clothing store. Above all, you’ll need to provide something unique, gain exposure online, and beat your competition to your target audience. The best thing you can do to stand out is to make shopping easier for your customers.

It turns out that deep tagging is the solution to all of your problems. For example, it can auto-tag your inventory and describe it in detail. AI image tagging can be used for:

  • Product recommendations engines
  • Complete the look
  • Image search engines

So Why Is It Important For you?

Deep image tagging can be the stepping stone to launch your fashion store into greatness. The possibilities are endless, and the technology keeps getting better day by day. It combines image recognition with a great recommendation system. It also boosts SEO for e-commerce stores and provides an innovative image search tool!

Certainly, each fashion e-commerce store that cares about the profile of its customers should implement deep tagging. It’s the best way to get information about their style as individuals. As a result, can then send special notifications, discounts, and target them with products that match their preferences!

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