How can Automated Fashion Tagging Save you 100+ Hours per Month in 2021?

15 February 2021

How can Automated Fashion Tagging Save you 100+ Hours per Month?

An essential part of being a retailer is time management. Sometimes this may be the line between success and failure. However, we live in a digital world where technologies can save us plenty of time if we use them.

Nowadays, most marketers have an e-commerce store where a considerable amount of products are new. Especially in the fashion clothing business, each product has its specification and features. In such a case, these products will need tagging and categorization. The tagging process can be painful if the tags are manually inserted. The solution? AI-powered automated fashion tagging for your store. Like this, the tagging process will become effortless and fully automated.

We are about to show you why such engines are keys to improving your search engine’s accuracy and improving the user experience skyrocketing because of the easy findability. Lately, such automated fashion tagging engines have become a hot e-commerce trend among retailers. It results from their benefits, which we are about to share with you shortly.

Eliminate the Struggle of Catalog Management

As a marketer, you have to ensure that customers can find what they are searching for with no frustrations and efforts. Providing a catalog with products where the picture has an SEO-optimized description is the most valuable data that goes hand-by-hand with the product. But sometimes, catalog crafting is challenging but essential.

This information must be enough, and most importantly, it must be correct. Depending on the products, there must be information about color, size, type, length, and many more specs that the product has. Having a proper catalog is a challenge for sure, but it is a way to improve the first experience. A first positive experience will surely make the customer choose you again, rather opposite.

Stop Using the Old Fashioned Manual Tagging and Save Time!

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With many products sold online today and the increasing number of visual features that exist, manual product labeling has proved impractical and almost impossible. Besides the time-consuming nature of manual labeling, it is painful and incorrect because of human labor. Thus the customer experience won’t be satisfying, and the customer will leave your page, increasing the bounce rate. This will affect the sales directly by decreasing the traffic.

Another disadvantage of manual tagging is the funding. For a medium store, you will need a few people doing this work for weeks. With an automatic tagging tool, the operational cost will cut to 90%, and the findability of products will be more precise than ever, thanks to AI. Yet, wrong predictions can happen due to a lack of data or bad pieces of it. In this case, the sample goes back for another tagging run in no time.

Why is Auto-Tagging Crucial for E-commerce?

Automatic photo tagging is an excellent tool for retailers because it allows them to categorize items for customers without manually tagging resources. To achieve this, companies must introduce automatic tagging into their business model. By automating the product tagging process, retailers save time and money and improve catalog management’s efficiency. Starting from uploading products to correct categorization, SEO, and product placement.

Benefits of Automated Fashion Tagging

Track the Trends and Take Action!

Fashion brands that use AI and ML tools can recognize fast-changing fashion trends and bring to their shelves’ latest fashion accessories. Whether it’s robots sewing and cutting fabrics or AI algorithms predicting style trends, the technology automates, personalizes, and accelerates every aspect of fashion.

Update the Catalog Whenever you Want.

As we mentioned, with an AI-powered automated fashion tagging tool, catalog management becomes sweet work. Whenever new products arrive, they will need several minutes to tag. then upload them to the Catalog. This will remove the old tagging process, where you need to assign a team who will write the tags and descriptions. yet, the quality of these tags won’t be correct and fully SEO-optimized.

Save Money and Remove the Error-prone Human Labor.

The most crucial benefit of an automated fashion tagging engine is that it saves you not only time but also money This is a one-time investment with which you can set aside funds for other brand campaigns. Outsourcing human labor is the best way to improve productivity and raise revenue. For example, an algorithm can do the same or more work than a human without mistakes and breaks and it won’t ask for a wage.

Sales Vision Auto-Tagging Process

With the help of recognition algorithms and deep learning, Sales Vision’s auto-tagging engine can categorize and improve your catalog. But how does it work?

  1. Select pictures that will run through the automated fashion tagging process. The tagging tool can work even with low-quality images.
  2. After that, the algorithm will separate the pictures on recognizable visual attributes (e.g., T-shirt, pants, jacket ) with their specs.
  3. Before the tagging process starts, a quality check is performed. This is to ensure if there are any errors that must be corrected. If there is an error the picture goes back for re-tagging.
  4. Finally, if all tags are correct, the tagging starts, and you receive ready-to-use metadata for your Catalog.

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Sales vision–Your Solution for Automated Catalog

We can tell you that our automated fashion tagging tool is the best on the market, but that won’t differentiate us from the others. So we will share what Sales Vision has that other competitors don’t.

The accuracy of the engine beats most of the others on the market. While testing, the algorithm achieved 98% accuracy. The auto-tagging platform can perform scans on low-resolution images and extract precise tags and descriptions.

The robust technology can break a picture into many segments and extract the length, opening type, textile pattern, and more. This vital information assists the buyer through the buying process and his journey.

Rich metadata and SEO-optimised titles are the next things that stand out. With Sales Vision’s product, you will get ready-to-use SEO titles, descriptions, and tags. Using the new SEO content will boost the discoverability of the website and, so, the sales.

Last, you will receive personalized help from the AI and data science experts through the process of implementation. However, if questions remain unanswered, don’t hesitate to ask.

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The time-consuming nature of manual tagging costs retailers time and money. Taking advantage of AI and data science, the tagging process can be fully automated. This is what most retailers seek to achieve. Automating the manufacturing processes to the supply chain is the key to becoming a smart retailer and growing revenue.

Starting from some simple but most time-consuming operations can have a positive impact on your business. Automating the tagging process is vital for each e-commerce retailer, and the solution is already here. Investing in such AI-powered technologies will decrease the cost in the long term and automate the marketing campaign.

Now that product labeling is automatic, retailers no longer have to spend hours creating catalogs, spending money on extra staff, or dealing with outdated product labels. Automated product tagging technology is an AI-driven product of the future, not only for fashion brands but for all retailers.

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