10 Most Interesting E-Commerce Startups 2021

10 March 2021

Most exciting e-commerce startups 2021

With the expansion of e-commerce and the fast-developing technology, each individual can develop an exciting e-commerce startup. Nowadays, you can create an e-commerce website in no time. Thanks to the website builder platforms, which became highly preferable. Thus the old coding and time-consuming nature of creating a website are long gone.

Today, using website builder software makes it all simple. With various and straightforward templates, you can create an eCommerce store in a few hours. This is the future of everything! Imagine having ready-to-use templates for any needs, not only websites.

Yet, creating an e-commerce website is the simple part. The challenge begins when you try to figure out what you want to sell on this website. No doubt there is anything on the Internet. From clothes to AI-powered digital products, you have to make sure that your brand or product stands out.

How to choose your startup? The best way is to take examples from successful brands. Track their workflow and watch the tactics that they use. When it comes to eCommerce, Amazon is the leader, and everyone takes notes from the top-notch online seller.

In what follows today, we have compiled a list of some of the most exciting e-commerce startups of 2021 that you should watch out for. Hopefully, these ten e-commerce startups will set you on the path to being a successful entrepreneur in 2021 and beyond.

Trending and Innovative Startups of 2021

The next e-commerce startups that we chose have become popular in the last few years. Most of them are B2C (business to consumer) orientated and focus on the user and his experience. Yet, some of them are examples of how business areas changed forever after COVID-19, and many more are about to change.

1- Lighting Style – A Light for Every Mood

Lighting Style offers fantastic service with a manufacturer warranty backed by the industry’s best customer service and the highest level of customer satisfaction. This care and commitment reflect in the fact that many of their customers return to them. This is because of the quality of the services and products.

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Lighting style is an example of extraordinary thinking. They focus on improving the personalization and personal experiences of their users. Creating valuable moments for individuals by tracking their behavior bound them with the brand name. Also, it increases brand awareness, which is a significant benefit of personalization.

Who doesn’t like to be taken care of? We are fortunate to live in an era where it is easy to create personalized experiences with online tools. Customers want you to be more concerned with their needs, and you can show what is important to them by tailoring the experience to their behavior.

2-  Prose – Personal Hair Care

Prose is one of the world’s leading beauty tech companies in the hair care industry. They focus on providing genuinely personalized care through tailored products. The company believes that each individual has its specific needs, and they are here to fulfill them.

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The company has developed an algorithm that uses 85 different factors. To determine the mix of ingredients and create a formula for each customer that is 100 percent unique.

By developing a complete batch, they analyze every data point to build product innovation and find new and exciting ways to use the technology that drives their business.

Prose’s goal is to cut overall carbon emissions and to compensate for carbon that they cannot do without. The brand aims to remove the carbon footprint and any negative impacts on the Earth and the environment.

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3-  Made – DTC Furniture Store

DTC business model is the way to remove additional expenses and remove the third-party resellers. As a retailer, you should value the direct approach to your consumers and use it.

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Made is an excellent example of a customer-centric DTC business. Their website is one of the best, and you can find everything on it. They also have several showrooms to present new products and innovative design ideas in a real-life situation.

To build brand awareness, the company came up with the fantastic idea to offer a referral program. With this simple but effective method, consumers recommend the brand to third-party buyers sharing how good the experience was. In this way, the sales will grow organically without the need for extra marketing campaigns.

4- Instacart – Online Grocery Platform

Due to the fact of COVID-19 online grocery stores have become more and more popular. At present, walking around in a physical grocery store is time-consuming and exhausting. Wearing masks and keeping a social distance is not the straightforward way of shopping we were used to.

Most consumers find the solution to these problems in online grocery shopping. Founded in 2012 in San Francisco by an Amazon employee, Instacart is a platform that combines stores and delivers groceries to your door. Nowadays, Instacart accepts orders and supplies to more than 5500 cities in the USA and Canada.

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An online grocery store’s success depends heavily on how quickly you can deliver items to your customers’ homes and offices. You need to choose delivery regions, connect to and deal with the online food model. A business with online grocery stores has a significant chance of success as the customer demand is always increasing.

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5- Baby Mori – Eco-Friendly Babywear

Baby Mori is proof that Eco-commerce is converting. What is their secret? Besides providing top-notch eco-friendly babywear, they use SEO-optimized content to their products combined with a blog with valuable information about the brand. Connecting your products with SEO content is the way to improve your store’s traffic and rank up among the competitors.

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As an e-commerce entrepreneur passionate about the environment and its future, selling environmentally friendly products would be innovative and converting. Eco-commerce is on the rise and is for the better for us and our world.

All parents know babies grow with hours, and the demand for baby clothes is constant. But how to out-stand the other competitors? By adding new varieties, you can become a one-stop-shop for parents and increase your e-commerce profits. If you want to expand your business and launch an e-commerce line of baby clothing, it’s a must to include baby rompers in your category list.

Technical Startups

The next five eCommerce startups are technology-orientated. They combine AI and SaaS (Software as a service) to find solutions for businesses and individuals. They are mostly B2B (business to business) orientated, but not only. Some of the suggested startups combine ML and AI, and the algorithm gives precise analytics and predictions based on the input data. Carry on reading to find out some of the most innovative eCommerce technology startups.

6- Otonomo – Automotive Data Services Platform

The investments of companies like Amazon, Google, Apple, Samsung, and others in creating a “smart home ecosystem” through exciting hardware and software are affecting the way we perceive and buy smart devices. The IoT sector is tremendously growing, and many entrepreneurs take the step of becoming smart investors.

Consumers are increasingly choosing a more intelligent lifestyle that can change their living space. The trend towards smart devices is on the rise, making way for the new generation of smart homes, cars, and more.

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This trend represents an opportunity for Otonomo to add value to the industry through its innovative data services. Their automotive data services platform simplifies data management and data analytics services for the automotive industry.

Yet, Otonomo has been fortunate to forge early relationships. Some of them are names, including Microsoft, Daimler, Aptiv, and others. Since then, the company is a leader in the IoT sector building smart cars and cities.

7- Appfolio – Property Management Software

Management software is becoming an affordable way for all types of managers and owners to access the tools needed to manage rental properties effectively. We see innovative automated technologies that simplify the process for landlords and tenants. One of the top-rated property management tools is Appfolio.

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Benefits of property management tool:

  • Save and optimize time.
  • Improve the communication between landlord and tenants
  • Fully-automates the working process

Customized property management software can provide a dedicated portal that allows both the owner and the tenant to manage their responsibilities and get in touch. It has a secure dashboard where tenants can register, pay the rent, and communicate with the landlord or administrator.

8- Sprout Social – Social Media Analytics Software

Social media analysis can help you understand which formats of social media content are most popular with your target group and which competitors are overgrowing. From the gathered information, every retailer can build a solid business plan and learn from the competitors. Such software assists retailers in monitoring customers’ behavior and keeping up with the new trends.

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Sprout Social is an all-in-one social media analytics tool that uses innovative technology, but not only. The engine has something that others don’t have – multi-cross platform analytics. This multi-coss analytics option allows you to combine scans from different social media platforms and see the bigger picture.

Benefits of Social Media Analytics:

  • Understand you’re public better
  • Overcome the competition
  • Get a final analysis of your social media presence.

Investition in such a platform is an excellent startup, but before starting, research in-depth and see if the SaaS field is profitable.

SaaS-related revenue growth by 2023 — driven primarily by spending on 5G-enabled services

9- Domo – Business Analytics Engine

Business Intelligence Software is a set of tools used by companies to retrieve, analyze and transform data into useful business insights. The Augmented Analytics Engine will automatically process and analyze, clean up, process your organization’s data. Then produce insights that lead to executives and salespeople’s instructions.

Have you heard of Domo? Domo is a modern business intelligence software that provides comprehensive analytics for your business.

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10- Tobii – Eye-Tracking Software

Eye-tracking software has become popular in the PC gaming field, but lately, many other sectors find this technology’s benefits, especially digital marketing. An eye tracker follows the customers’ eyes and gathers valuable information. For example, knowing how much time a user spent on a post or a product can benefit.

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Tobii is the world leader in eye-tracking. Founded in 2001, the company separated its product into four specifications, and each of them has an impact on different areas.

  • Tobii Dynavox specializes in assistive technologies for people with disabilities. The product contains specially designed eye-tracking and touch-based communication devices and software.
  • Tobii Pro – Eye-tracking solutions for understanding human behavior
  • Tobii Tech – Supplier of eye-tracking technology for integration into consumer electronics
  • Tobii Gaming – designed for gamers and pioneers to improve the gaming experience

And that is the reason for success! Adapting your product to different target groups has positives. In this case, customers can use the product for their exact needs.


The e-commerce industry is one of the most exciting segments that has emerged in recent years. This is because of its enormous potential. Hopefully, this list of e-commerce statistics and startups helped you discover areas where you can start a new or second business. Ecommerce technology is developing faster than before. And new opportunities appear for new entrepreneurs.

Digital marketing is not what it used to be, and it changes every day. Adopting the latest e-commerce trends in your e-commerce strategy will be an extraordinary win-win situation. Marketing in e-commerce must be one of the most critical aspects of your business strategy in the future.

Indeed, we are confident that machine learning and the integration of artificial intelligence will help tech startups compete with larger, more established companies. The robotics market continues to grow and inspire more and more entrepreneurs worldwide to open innovative startups.

Before taking any steps, keep in mind that e-commerce is hyper-competitive. New entrepreneurs have to out-smart the marketers that have been in the sector for years. Therefore, they should release innovative products. With artificial intelligence and machine learning, entrepreneurs can find solutions to any problem. Monitoring the working process is the key to success, and e-commerce leaders know it!

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